Making a Difference in Venice
I first came to Venice in 1970 and have been involved in the community ever since. I've been an activist for much of that time and have a long record of positive results for Venice. As President of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC), my experience, skills and long-standing relationships make a difference in the halls of City and County Government. The purpose of neighborhood councils is to engage and empower stakeholders by listening and responding with actions that earn respect and influence for our neighborhoods. The Venice Neighborhood Council empowers Venice in a positive way and my goal as President is to make sure that continues to happen.

Protecting our Neighborhoods:

Established the first VNC Public Safety Committee to encourage creation of Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness activities - in partnership with the community and LAPD - to insure constitutional policing to keep Venice safe for everyone. Crime statistics in Venice are at an all time low due to the an engaged and watchful community and an effective partnership with LAPD. But there is more work to be done.

• After years of intense collaboration with the community, the Council Office, City Recreation and Parks and LAPD,, an enforceable City Ordinance for Ocean Front Walk to sensibly regulate illegal vending was enacted last year (LAMC 42.15).

• Supported Councilman Rosendahl’s Roadmap to Homes Program operated by People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) to help people living in RV’s find permanent housing. To date, over 40 people have been housed. At the same time, supported the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance on streets where 2/3 of the neighbors agreed to regulate parking on their block.

• Established the VNC Santa Monica Airport Committee to address issues of noise, pollution and public safety. In 2013 the VNC and the Mar Vista Community Council will hold a town hall on the future of S.M. Airport.

• Established a new VNC Character Massing and Scale Committee to recommend protections to address neighborhood concerns about the proliferation of new or remodeled homes many consider to be incompatible with the community. The Committee is working with neighborhood leaders, the Neighborhood Council's Land Use Planning Committee (LUPC),the City of LA and the California Coastal Commission to propose objective criteria by which to define the appropriateness of new projects and will report its findings to the VNC board

Engaging Stakeholders:

• Co-sponsored town hall meetings in collaboration with Mar Vista Community Council on education, public safety/emergency preparedness, as well as congressional candidate forums. A mayoral candidate forum is planned for early 2013.

• Co-sponsored town hall on “The Emergence of Silicon Beach” with Councilman Rosendahl and the Venice Chamber of Commerce featuring Venice-located new media companies, including Google. The event was attended by over 500 people.

• Empowered Venice by bringing government officials to Venice: the Mayor, City Attorney, City Council members, federal, state, county and other elected officials, attended and/or send representatives to monthly VNC board meetings.

• Established a VNC Visitor Impact Committee to push for Venice receives its fair share of revenues generated and that sufficient attention is given to the “Face of LA” - Venice Beach- one of the City’s most important destinations and an as-yet underserved assets.

• Re-established an active and effective VNC Education Committee partnering with parents, LAUSD Representative Steve Zimmer, local schools and the Venice Chamber Education Committee. The VNC held important Town Halls on the controversial issue of Charter School co-locations on existing school grounds, and a Middle School Town Hall this month. The VNC provides financial support for school gardens and educational programs.

• Established a VNC Venice Post Office Task Force as part of a coalition to fight the proposed sale of the historic Venice Post Office. Although that effort was not successful, the VNC continues a dialogue with the owner to ensure public access to the WPA-era Biberman mural and that future uses of post office are consistent with community planning values and standards.

• Established close partnerships with Venice- based organizations in the arts, education, environment, business, and community benefit agencies and organizations.

Other Accomplishments:
Recipient, 2012 Community Service Award from the Neighborhood Youth Association as co-founder of the Venice Garden & Home Tour

2012 Certificates of Appreciation: Assembly member Betsy Butler, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl.

Organized Oakwood United's Broadway School clean-up and community home rehabilitation program in 1990’s.

Recipient of a 1998 “Spirit of Venice” Award, selected by The Abbot Kinney District Association.

Recipient of a “Women Leaders” award selected by the National Women’s Political Committee (NWPC) Westside,

Proud Mother of two grown children and seven beautiful grandchildren.